An Unusual Saturday:

To those of you who helped me after yesterday’s post, thank you. I don’t think I could’ve stayed upset any longer than midnight because of the comforting comments I read. So, now that today’s a new day (well, it’s almost over now), let’s get back to business.


I would like to introduce two people, two church friends, and I hope not to slander one of them. Franz was that one dude I talked to every now and then in high school. After he graduated, we used primarily internet to stay in contact until he invited me to his church. He’s pretty cool, probably the one person I can mostly relate to in life, and he actually got me into using WordPress. Go Franz.

At the church, there was this one girl (let’s call her… Sara). We met, we talked, everyday, and long story short, I cut the ties on my end. This wasn’t a relationship, but something I had to pull out of while I had time. She’s too young, too immature, too childish for me, but she still has a crush on me. I admit, I have regrets. She bugged me on Facebook to the point where I just wanted to deactivate my account (even more than before), and Franz can attest to how… annoying, she is.

Today, the three of us hung out, at the expense of my Aunt’s birthday party (which I was only aware of after planning with them). We went to their local library, then chilled at Franz’s place. If it weren’t for Sara’s transportation, I would be spending almost every one of my Saturdays bored at home.

- Warning: Long Recap ahead… -

The day itself was good, yet really awkward. As soon as I got in Sara’s van, I was hit with a wave of what seemed like animal odor. I’m used to the smell, because we’ve done this before, but I’m not really used to it, because it’s really strong. It persists on my clothes, and Franz can attest to that.

Now, Sara likely has some sort of autism. She seems to act just like an autistic boy at our school does. Throughout the ride to the library, she overtook the conversations between Franz and I, for topics that have already been discussed several times before. An example: We talk about the neighborhood, she suddenly brings up events 5 months in the future, that she pestered me on Facebook about last night, and the night before. We talk about the plans for later in the day, she brings up some friend of hers moving to Canada. And while that happens, both her and Franz are talking to me at the same time, with neither relinquishing control over my ears.

At the library, I had no intention of checking out a book, because the last time I checked something out, I almost kept it for 5 weeks, and was about to owe the library some cash. However, Franz found a book about the power of saying “No” (which I thought was a ridiculous, yet profound read), and we joked about how the book could apply to Sara. (Yes, we joke about her. It’s mean, but I try to see it as a way of saying Dude, this isn’t just me, right?)

While I was book searching, Sara ran through the library, as loudly as possible. Even when she talks, it feels like everyone is looking at me for startling them. When she talks to me, she stands two inches directly in front of me. And I get really self-conscious when any girl stands in front of me. Periodically, I hid from the two to have some quiet time.

Anyways, I’ll fast-forward due to me not wanting to give every detail. Amscot. Franz wanted to make a money order, so he commanded strongly insisted that I go with him because I had my ID on me. Sara also wanted to, but we strongly insisted that she didn’t. Also, her father, our driver for the day, demanded her not to go, as well. So, we’re in the Amscot requesting the money order, and I see in the window behind me, Sara running up to the door, as if there’s an invisible chain between us.

Back in the van, her father scolded her, and I overheard. Her plan was to come with both of us to Franz’s place, and play a board game (that we didn’t want to play), and play her violin for us (that we didn’t want her to do). But her father stated that because she defied him, she couldn’t come with us.

So guess what? We arrived at Franz’s house, and she threw a fit, thrashing herself out of the van with us. She got the board game and violin stuff, and carried it all to the door. Franz and I spectated as we heard her father commanding her to give it up, threatening punishment after punishment. She went closer to the door, and we protested her to stop and listen.

For a brief moment, we met eyes, and I saw anger. She always tells me how much of a daddy’s little girl she is, and she was just demanding her own father to go. “You will let me out,” she directed, and I sensed more power in her voice than from her own father. However, that’s just not the right way to handle things. The way she was raised ought to make her the most obedient angel, and as a fellow Christian, she should know to obey her own parents. Perhaps it was her new hormones that overwhelmed her reasoning, and I can’t help but think if somehow, it was my fault.

When her dad threatened to shut off their cable service, she paused, mid-way into the house. No, not the dreaded cable service. “You will not turn off our cable!” But thankfully, perhaps something clicked to tell her that all the fuss was enough. She walked back to her van, and left Franz and I alone.

We get comfortable, and start up a movie. It was a pretty violent historical style presentation about the Cold War. But a mere 5 minutes into it, we hear a knock on the door. And whaddaya know? She’s back.

She comes in with her stuff, and sits at the table with us. Out of nowhere, she begins to rant about her father, and then tells us that she doesn’t want to watch the movie. I looked at Franz, implying that he was the one with the remote, not her. However, the autonomy only lasted so long before she set up the board game without a lick of our approval.

And so we’re playing it, having the movie paused. None of us really expressed true interest in the game, but I don’t think she picked up on that. The game was going too slowly, so I moved around several pieces while she wasn’t looking, especially in my favor. So, eventually I won.

You know, Franz’s house is pretty quiet: the soft sound of the fan keeping us cool because of the lack of an effective AC, his mother sitting at the table sipping a drink, and his sister snoozing in the bedroom nearby. When Sara said she was bringing that violin, she meant it: Stand, music book, all that. Then she plays, completely destroying the beautiful silence. It sounded like she was murdering her violin. And she said she was going to play every song she knew in that book.

So Franz’s sister called, basically telling her to shut up.

It felt like I had temporary hearing loss. Thankfully, the atmosphere calmed down, and we got back to the movie. She got bored and used Franz’s computer to watch Youtube, to which she screeched out over and over, supposedly laughing. Well, she already ruined the chance of me watching the whole movie by stalling for an hour.

Fast-forward some more, and she left. Things pretty much slowed down after that, thankfully. Franz and I had our chill time until it was time for me to go.

So, I hope to have gotten my point across today. Like I said, it was good, but awkward. Sara is very annoying, but if she wasn’t there, I’m pretty sure I would be forced to sit alone with Franz at his dinner table. I have to deal with them both tomorrow morning during church, too. What does this have to do with Teenage Introvert? Nothing, really, other than the truth that I do want my quiet time. (Also, I’m pretty sure if Sara saw this post, then our friendship would be over. Ah well.)


So you made it to the end of the post. ;) On the way home, my little brother and I caught this beautiful rainbow:

RainbowAnd I was truly in awe. This was the best rainbow I have seen in so many years. We saw the entire arc, as well as a piece of a double rainbow. So beautiful. I took a video of it, just moments before it faded away, in seconds. But even a few seconds of video was great enough.

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