Throwback Moment — A little history.

school_8923489.pngA crisp, 80 degrees. Cloudless.

I find myself back alone, standing tall, standing quiet, staring at this landscape, thinking, but not wanting to think.

It’s possible to shut out the thoughts, but I can’t shut out the environment. This is lunch: People, all concentrated into a relatively small place with each other, separated into cliques, versus the loners. This environment always brings me down, because I have the choice to roam around and be with virtually anybody that I want, but I choose to be alone and allow these thoughts to screw with my head.

I don’t see myself compatible with any of these people.


Oh my friggin’…

Let me find my Freshman year diary, so I can pull out some quotes. I swear, these words would’ve been said by me 3 years ago. Let this post be a Throwback moment, sorry for the disturbance. In fact, I personally warn you, do not read this post, unless you’re actually wanting to find out a little history from my past self.

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Thoughts — They attack when I’m alone.


Hi guys, did you miss me? I know, I made a post talking about how I posted almost every day this month, then stopped posting for a couple of them. Thing is, I’ve been, well busy, with things — things like applying to the college that I really want to go to, and being distracted by other parts of the internet, along with my own work that I need to do.

I didn’t stop thinking, of course. But I do admit that I stopped drawing in Boring Class, because well, I didn’t really want to spend any time in my feelings digging up the average guy+girl drawing, or the average guy+void+darkmessage drawing. I get bored of jumping in my mind to pick up on some fantasy I wish came true, and sick of thinking about my issues in general.

Nevertheless, I drew one yesterday and just posted it, about why I stopped drawing. Boring Class has gotten busier. Sudoku provided a much more efficient way of getting over these thoughts, and there were days when I just didn’t feel like drawing. The thoughts don’t need paper. They need to fizzle.

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Kickin’ it on the Radio — a Post on Voice.

Alright, so this might not be too “Teenage Introverty”, but today, I met up with my buddy Franz at the community college near downtown to help him with his radio show. The past few weeks, he’s been doing it solo, and has been doing a pretty amateurish job at it, so I decided to help him out since there was no school today.

We met up when I saw him walking with a huge backpack, as if he was going mountain hiking. We then chilled in the Cafe at the place, which was very roomy. I saw many college students, some in their late teens, others in their mid-40s. He showed me the radio studio and we planned a tad before we started up the show.


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Some thinking time on current personal.. shtuff.

Hi guys. I think I’ve posted at least once for every day this week. I’m sure that’s not the best habit to get into, but at this moment, I got nothing that I want to really do. I’m just sitting, occasionally looking outside of the window at the blueness, and enjoying some quiet time before my little brother comes back.

Well, I’ve also been thinking, of course. My brain never really shuts up, it just gets in these episodes of calmness, not really bliss, but definitely calmness.

And he's chilling with me.

And yes, he’s chilling with me.

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Yahhhss, Mission Accomplished~

Alright, guys! Guess what? I feel pretty good right now, very good. So good, this feeling doesn’t come about that often. It marks the end of a very satisfying week, but today could’ve sufficed for all of the satisfaction that I had throughout the week put together.

I’m feeling like…




No, not really. I don’t think it’s possible for me to ever be like that, hah. I’m actually quiet and calm at the moment, but nonetheless, today was a great day. Get ready — this one’s a Mo post.

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Wouldn’t you like to know how this week was?

church_fenceThis moment marks the end of a Friday, the end of a long, energy-draining week, and the time of reflection on how it all went! Some big changes have went on as time progressed, and they were pretty important. Perhaps you, my loyal reader, could learn even the smallest something from this post, and I hope that you do! (Although, you probably won’t…)

Now, this week was our high school’s Homecoming Spirit week, which is the prime measure of our school people’s tolerance enjoyment of being there. Throughout the week we were to dress up with various outfits depending on the day.

Let me say right now, that for the past three years, the most spirit I put into this school was wearing beads whose colors happened to almost line up with the school’s. But this time was a little different.

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A post on Inequality:

So, since today is “Blog Action Day” (apparently… I honestly didn’t know that there really is a “Day” for everything now), I should dedicate this post to it, and whatever topic it tells us to discuss.

Oh? What’s this?

Blog Action Day will be held on October 16, 2014 and will focus on the topic Inequality.

Gosh darnit. I would’ve easily figured out that they’d really be taking that road, after all of the “Social injustice” and discrimination that’s been disseminated by the media over the past couple of years. Honestly I see it as something that’s mostly exaggerated, convincing people that THIS IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE OF ALL TIME, and that everyone must type a long post complaining about it to bring about a revolution where everyone is equal.

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