“I got bored, so I left.” :)


Friday at school, I was bored in a class, so I left. I got bored with Mo and Jane at the lunch table, so I left.

This morning, I got bored of being at the house, so I left, and I just got back home from an entire day away from here. It feels great.

Let me just tell you some more details about today. Since today starts a week-long break from school, I decided to do things a little differently, now that I have my driver’s license. I grabbed my jeans, my jacket, and then my hat … then flew to the church. Continue reading

What a week… my head hurts.


I take a long, deep sigh as I slump in this chair once again, to post, on a Friday. After all of the energy has been expended, after all of the thoughts have been dealt with, and more flow in, after my time with my few friends there has expired, I come back here to tell you all, in hopes of a resolution within my mind.

There is no school next week — the entire week. You’d think I would enjoy that, wouldn’t you? You should know though, that with every moment that I’m in this house, I feel dead and null. I hope.. I pray.. I plead that those feelings do not return during this break. I beg to God that I stay away from this place as much as my body wills to allow, and that I’m out in the world learning and growing, just as much as I’m enjoying the relaxing productivity of my game project, and nothing else.

Alright — this isn’t going to be a negative post for much longer. Let me just review this week and see how everything went. Continue reading

Introverts Unite~!

So guys, guys! Yesterday was Franz’s 20th birthday. To celebrate, we had some one-on-one time throughout the evening.

You see, us introverts finally had some time at.. a COFFEE SHOP. :D


Well, it was a tea shop, but definitely a coffee-shop kind of place. Say Hi to Franz. ^^

That place was very… interesting. It was definitely somewhere that I would love to just sit and chill, and I didn’t know it existed until we walked about a half-mile to get to it. They had many puns that I found hilarious — a tea brewing device, called a Utilitea, the largest cup size, a Teatanic, and a board filled with words that normally ended in -ty, with the -tea replacement.

So, when we received our teas, I immediately proceeded to fail at trying to put my straw in, and the tea, the hot tea, spilled onto my hands. It took a good half-hour to actually cool enough for my mouth, but it was a very good tasting beverage once I took some sips. It tasted like cookies.

We talked a bit, and eventually headed back out, and walked almost two miles to the mall (which would’ve been instantaneous if I had my car.. long story (but the walk was longer)). We did some freestyle cRapping on the way there to pass the time. Continue reading

A Message to Tumblr.



I can never leave any site for good. I try continually to “get a life” away from the past, but the past is a very sticky substance. The bond is like a spider’s web: it’s strong, stretches far, and provides an easy way back to its origin.

I tried to flee, after all, what use is Tumblr to me? I’ve blocked 95% of the posts from reaching my dashboard, I’ve shut down my blog from access through the blog’s URL, and I’m willing to bet money that no one’s going to see this message.

And yet I return, and I post. Why?

And I never really left, either. Periodically, even daily, I’ve logged on just to scroll through the 5 remaining percent of my dashboard, check messages, and then log off. Why? Continue reading

You can surely ask a girl out, but you can’t do your Physics Homework?


Current situation: Gloomy and Gray, with short bursts of heavy rain. A Tornado watch has been issued for the viewing area.

The mellowness didn’t stop me today, though. I feel pretty good. It was very nice and sunny this morning, barely a cloud in the sky. However, a cold front is over our heads and that means some storms now, and a burst of unusually cold weather will blanket us tomorrow.

Alright, you’ve probably read the title already, so you know what this post is going to be about. Physics!

I mean, what the heck dude? Absolutely nothing is given, and you want me to make something out of nothing. D:


Yeah, no. We’ll save that for later. I’ll just say a bit on how my day went. And we’ll start with Facebook.

Continue reading

A Cool, Collective Weekend.

I’m still having a good weekend, guys. I was told to, so I am. I didn’t have anything really planned for this post other than… well, nothing really.


The weather’s been a clear, soft, cool blue. I went out a bit to drive — and my first time driving without an adult, then played catch for a bit outside. I spent balanced time working on my game and taking breaks, playing video games then going to design my own. I messaged a few people.

Mo didn’t entirely leave me; earlier we had a quick conversation over Google+. For the first time in a long while, it seemed like she was actually bored. I asked how she was doing and she replied “eh.”, then asked what I was up to. I shared with her some info on my game project, and she gave a sincere compliment to it.

I basically did all I could to keep my mood stable. So now everything’s calm and quiet. Maybe I should go do something soon.. the more I’m occupied away from the internet, the tougher it is to fall into boredom.

But yeah, I’m good now. It’s weird. My mind is actually somewhat quiet for once. Maybe it was because I was listening to static for a half hour. Static is calming.

So — yeah. What’s up?